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Free LED Light Replacement Government Program in Victoria: Ending Soon

The government of Victoria has launched a rebate program called VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) which was earlier called VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme. Under the program, free LED light replacement is offered to eligible Victorian households and businesses. The VEU program helps decrease power bills and energy consumption in Victorian homes and businesses. Households can save over a thousand dollars per year on energy bills.

Key points of the Free LED replacement government program

Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, accredited providers approved under the program replace old light bulbs in your house with energy-efficient LED lights. The program was introduced by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in 2009 by the name VEET (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target) scheme.

  • You can replace old lights such as incandescent/halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and CFLs in your home or business with LED lights under the VEU program.
  •  LED replacement is carried out by recognized installers.
  •  Installation is done by A-grade electricians.

If you are still using old bulbs like CFLs, incandescent, get them changed as quickly as possible because the program is not forever.

How much can you save?

The lighting industry has evolved over the years. LEDs are more efficient than any other traditional lighting products such as CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), halogen, and incandescent.

Victoria Energy Upgrades program can help you save thousands per year on your energy bills and help the environment as well. You can save up to 80% on lighting costs just by installing energy-efficient LEDs.

For example, you have 10 incandescent, CFL or halogen bulbs to be replaced at your house, you can save roughly $100 on the cost of new products. Not just that, we offer absolutely free installation in which our certified installer will come to your house and complete the LED replacement without charging you a penny.

Why should I install LED lights?

Money-saving: Residential lighting upgrade is free, this means you are not going to lose anything, and LED installation will cut down all your electricity expenditure.

Save the environment: LED lighting is highly energy-efficient, hence they cause less damage to the environment than the other lighting options. Also, they do not contain mercury or other harmful gases or emit any harmful UV rays.

Long-lasting: An LED bulb works for almost 50,000 hours on average, while CFLs rarely work more than 12,000 hours.

Better light: Our LED products make your house look shinier and more attractive.

Risk-free: LED bulbs produce 90% less heat than incandescent and halogen bulbs, reducing fire risk as they operate at a much lower temperature.

Am I eligible for free LED light replacement?

Yes, if you are in Victoria and use old light bulbs at your house. Glow Green can install LEDs in your home for free under the government program. Our aim is to provide quality LED products approved under the VEU program and help reduce your energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. All you need to do is book a free appointment with us and our installer will replace all old lights at your house with LEDs for free.

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