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FREE LED Lights Replacement in Victoria under VEU Program – Save 80% on Power Bills

What is free LED lights replacement in Victoria?

The goal of free LED light replacement in Victoria is to explore new ways to reduce energy usage, power bills, and greenhouse gas emissions. As lights are the biggest energy consumer in households, they amount to over 40% of the average household energy bills.

The VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades, previously known as VEET) government program upgrades residential LED lighting as an essential part of its function. Switching to energy-efficient LED lights can reduce energy bills and impact the overall ambiance of your house positively while reducing your carbon footprint.

As an Accredited Provider (AP) under the VEU program, Glow Green is proud to offer free LED lights replacement under the Victorian Government’s energy efficiency incentive program to homes and businesses across the state.

How can you benefit from free LED lights replacement under the VEU program?

VEU program can help you save money on upgrade expenses, decrease your energy costs, and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. You can easily save over 80% on your lighting costs by replacing old lights such as globes, CFLs, and halogen downlights with energy-saving lighting technology such as LEDs.

With quality light output, instant on, and longer lifetime, you won’t have to replace them as much and it can save you money in the long-term.

LED products are energy efficient. They are approved under the government rebate scheme. Our team of experienced LED installers replaces old lights with LED lights. We as an AP apply for rebates and incentives on your behalf to offer a free LED lights replacement for your home.

Here are some benefits of LED lights:

  • 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen lights
  • Save up to 70% on your power bills
  • Last much longer, reducing maintenance/replacement costs
  • Instant on, meaning no warm-up time to produce 100% light
  • Better light output at much lower cost
  • Cooler to run, meaning lower air conditioning cost
  • LED products we offer are from top brands like Philips, Ledvance Osram
  • Quality products with a 2-year product warranty
  • Free LED replacement products: CFL bulbs, globes, halogen downlights, tubes, floodlights

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How is it completely FREE?

The VEU Scheme is a mandatory carbon reduction scheme set out by the Vic Government and managed through the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The aim of the scheme is to help reduce the carbon emissions of millions of householders in Victoria through replacing old, energy-consuming (incandescent/CFL) lights with energy-efficient LED lights in association with electricity retailers and accredited providers (APs).

Accredited Providers (APs) replace inefficient lights with highly energy-efficient LED lights by creating energy savings certificates (VEECs) and trading them with energy retailers, who are liable to surrender a certain amount of VEECs to the government each year.

Victorian energy efficiency certificates (VEECs) are electronic certificates created under the program when certain energy efficiency activities are undertaken in residential or non-residential premises. Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduction (CO2-e).

Households that use old lights such as globes, CFLs, halogen downlights, tubes, etc. qualify for the free LED lights replacement in Victoria.

I own a house in Victoria, am I eligible for free LED lights replacement?

Yes, all Victorian households using old lights such as incensement bulbs, CFLs, and halogen downlights are eligible for a free LED replacement as the government is providing energy efficiency incentives to businesses and households in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program was launched and is managed by the Essential Services Commission and was originally titled the VEET scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target). Back in 2017, VEET was rebranded and the scheme is now called VEU Program.

LED lighting retrofits have been incredibly popular and have been extended to other states as well. There are certain eligibility criteria like a minimum number of lights to be upgraded in order to receive an LED upgrade completely free.

What you need to know before swapping old lights with LED lights?

LED lights offer a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way to illuminate your house.

Under the Victorian government’s rebate scheme, you might be eligible to get your globes, CFLs and halogen downlights replaced with the LED lighting products for absolutely no cost.

However, there are a few things you need to consider before going LED:

Choosing the right AP/installer

Lighting is a crucial part of any household and it usually costs a lot. LEDs can really make up for that cost and save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you are interested in the scheme, the easiest way to make these changes is to get an accredited installer approved by the government under the VEU program.

You must hire someone who is professionally capable of making these adjustments with a minimum of bother and maximum proficiency.

Since lighting is classified as a high-risk activity by the Victorian Essential Services Commissions (ESC), only licensed electricians are allowed to make these upgrades, and only with approval. As LEDs are fundamentally different, and this job must be performed by a professional to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency.

We are an accredited provider (AP) approved by the state government to carry out energy efficiency activities such as LED replacement. We, with a team of experienced installers and A-grade electricians, have helped over 10,000 Victorian households go LED.

Product quality

There are plenty of local businesses that provide you with this service. However, your screening process must be accurate while choosing the installer and the product. It is important to note that you can only get the free upgrade if you have old lights and they are getting upgraded to LED products approved under the VEU program. All the LED products approved under the scheme are high quality and long-lasting.

Quality LED light bulbs last 10-20 times longer than halogen and CFL light bulbs and consume a quarter of the energy to produce the same or better light output.

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Comparison: LED light bulbs vs. Incandescent/CFL bulbs

Topic LED Lights Incandescent/CFL Bulbs
Response time Instant (there is no warm up or cool down period). They produce steady light without flicker. Incandescent bulbs have no warm up time, however CFLs require warm up time to produce full light output.
Directionality Beam angle for LEDs is 180 degrees. Globes and CFLs are omnidirectional, meaning they emit light in all directions.
Efficiency LEDs are very efficient relative to every lighting type on the market. Most values for LED system efficiency fall above 50 lumens/watt. Incandescents and CFLs have 10 and 50–70 lumens per watt source efficiency respectively.
Emissions No IR or UV radiations Incandescent lights produce relevant amounts of IR radiation.
Deterioration LEDs fail by dimming gradually over time. Incandescent lights hard fail, meaning they stop working all at once. Incandescents burn well throughout their lifetime but lifespan is extremely short.
Heat Emissions LEDs emit very little heat. Incandescent and halogen bulbs emit a lot of heat. Heat losses represent energy inefficiencies.
Lifespan LEDs last longer than any light source commercially available. They last over 50,000 hours. Incandescent have short lifespan (1,200 hours) whereas CFL last 6,000 to 15,000 hours before a bulb requires replacement.

Why choose us for your LED upgrade?

Quality guaranteed: We install government-approved LED products and provide post-install support. Only best of class products are used, which are designed to outlast the toughest conditions.

Government incentives: We upgrade lights under the government incentive program. We have access to a broad range of various incentives that many others don’t have. There are many state incentive programs and if a financial incentive is available, it is directly offered to the clients.

Full-service model: Our service model prioritises your lighting requirements and reducing your energy bills. Our installation team will handle all technical approvals and all the paperwork related to the government incentives to manage the upgrade process from the beginning to finish.

Professional opinion: As the installation team examines your energy needs and timings of power usage, the data is used to design and tailor the right solution based on your requirements and goals.

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FAQs about FREE LED Lights Replacement in Victoria

Is free LED lights replacement still available in Victoria?


Is my home eligible for a free LED lights replacement in Victoria?

Yes if you are currently using globes, CFLs, and/or halogen downlights.

How is it completely FREE?

LED replacement is done under the VEU rebate program. We as an Accredited Provider (AP) replace old lights with LED lights, create energy savings certificates (VEECs) and trade them with energy retailers, who are liable to surrender a certain amount of VEECs to the government each year. This provides the full benefit of the scheme to the Victorian households.

Why LEDs?

LED lights use up to 80% less energy as compared to globes, CFLs, and halogen downlights. Also, they last up to 20 times longer than conventional lights. LEDs provide high-quality light output at much lower energy consumption.

What products do you install?

Glow Green installs LED products approved under the VEU Government program. We always recommend and install LED products that best suit your lighting and energy requirements.

What are Accredited Providers (APs)?

Accredited Providers (APs) are businesses accredited by the Victoria government to create Energy Savings Certificates (VEECs) under the VEU program. They do this by implementing energy savings projects in accordance with the rebate scheme requirements.

Is Glow Green an AP?


Can I change lights myself and keep old lights too?

No. You cannot change old lights yourself. Criteria of the government’s energy-saving scheme is that your lights must be installed by approved installers and A-grade electricians. We must provide evidence of each energy upgrade to the government in order to offer you a FREE LED replacement.

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