Government Rebate for LED Lighting in Victoria

Government Rebate for LED Lighting in Victoria

Do you know that lights are the biggest energy consumers in your house? Lights alone are responsible for over 40% of your average household utility bills. Although electrical appliances also consume a lot of energy, you certainly cannot go and replace your appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator, etc., with a new one.

However, you can easily switch your old lights to energy-efficient LED lights to reduce your household energy consumption and power bills to a great extent. Switching to LEDs not only reduces the energy bills but also improve the overall visual appeal of your living space. Hence, a win-win situation for you.

Reduced carbon footprint is another great benefit of replacing LED lights with old lights. This is one of the major reasons why you need to consider upgrading to LED lights under the VEU government rebate program for LED lighting.

What is residential LED light replacement under VEU Program in Victoria?

Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program helps Victorian households and businesses switch to more energy-efficient lighting solutions that result in reduced energy bills and carbon footprint.

Upgrading to LEDs is one of many energy efficiency initiatives promoted by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) under the VEU program that can help you save over 80% on your energy costs.

In recent years, lighting technology has grown to a large extent. Compared to old light such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), halogen and incandescent bulbs, LEDs are much more efficient, as well offer better light output.

Moreover, LEDs have a longer lifespan than old lights – 20-25 times longer than a halogen bulb, and 8-10 times longer than a CFL bulb.  This means, by replacing old lights with LEDs, you’re like to save money in the long run.

All Victorian households and businesses using old lights (CFLs, incandescent, halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes, MH, MV lamps) are eligible for an LED upgrade under the VEU program.

VEU Program aims to:

  • Help the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Make energy upgrades more affordable
  • Encourage innovation in the energy sector
  • Provide more scope for employment.

With this program, the Victorian government is dedicated to helping the state residents and business owners reduce the costs of energy bills.

Is it completely free?

Yes for households! Residential LED replacement under the VEU Program is completely free in Victoria. Accredited Providers (APs) and their representatives can replace old lights in your house with new, energy-efficient LED lights for absolutely no cost. Glow Green is an AP under the VEU Program. Here’s a list of APs for LED lighting installation.

If you’re still using old CFLs or incandescent bulbs in your home, you can easily get them replaced with LEDs under the VEU government rebate for LED lighting.

If you are a business owner, you can replace old lights such as high bays, panels, battens, and downlights at your business completely free.

Whether a business owner or household, you can save a lot on energy cost by switching to LED under the VEU Program.

Is free LED replacement still available?

Yes, the free LED replacement is still available. However, there are eligibility criteria such as a minimum number of lights for getting the upgrade completely free of cost.

For households, types of lights eligible for free replacement include globes, CFLs, halogen downlights, candle lights, and reflectors.

For businesses, types of lights eligible for free replacement include high bays, low bays, halogen downlights, and battens.

It is recommended to consult the LED installer to know the list of lights that are eligible for free upgrades.

How can government rebate for LED lighting help my household?

With the VEU program, the Victorian government aims to encourage residents and business owners to switch to LED lights. This way, they aim to minimize load on energy generation and hence greenhouse gas emissions of the state, and collectively, the whole country.

The rebate program has been created for making energy-efficient improvements more affordable to households and businesses.

To participate in the rebate program, you need to find an Accredited Provider (AP) such as Glow Green approved for delivering LED upgrades under the VEU program.

Once the appointment is set, the AP or their representatives will send an installer to check the number and type of lights to be replaced. A quick assessment is followed by the removal of old lights and installation of LED lights.

How can I get old lights replaced with LED lights under the VEU Program?

How can I get old lights replaced with LED lights under the VEU Program?

The process of replacing old lights with LED lights goes through five (5) steps. The process begins with an enquiry that’s addressed by the AP installing LED lights.

When upgrading old to LED, we are your LED lighting company ensure the following steps:

Enquiry: First of all, contact an AP and send your enquiry. They will confirm your appointment.

Assessment: Appointment is followed by a quick on-site assessment to check type and number of old lights. they’ll recommend an appropriate LED replacement products for old lights that minimize your energy consumption.

Installation: The next step is to replace old lights with new LED lights with no disruption/damage to light fittings and interiors. Other than energy savings and reduced energy bills, the LED lighting upgrade will enable you to enjoy better lighting and ambience.

Recycle old bulbs: The AP recycles old lights removed from your home. The company ensures the safe disposal of the old lighting products as they may contain hazardous materials. For instance, CFLs may contain mercury that’s harmful to both humans and the environment.

Start saving: Post LED installation, you will see a considerable drop in your energy usage. Time to enjoy big savings on energy bills.


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